Presenting Both Sides When Persuading in Public Speaking

Donald Auzine pic
Donald Auzine

Based in Baton Rouge, Donald Auzine is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience in the realty and marketing industries. Interfacing with clients and potential customers daily, Donald Auzine has an interest in public speaking techniques that generate practical results.

When speaking before an unfamiliar audience, the presenter has a limited time to capture their attention. Beyond this, a presenter must foster a sense of receptivity and credibility who understands the various sides of any given topic.

Rather than simply extolling the virtues of a concept, it is more effective to accurately present the arguments associated with more than one side. Take time to acknowledge the validity of the opposing view and cite sources that are recent and credible. This assures the audience that you have done extensive research on the topic. Doing so also provides you with a window of time in which to deliver your perspective and not have it dismissed out of hand. It also sets the stage for the next hurdle in public speaking which resonating emotionally and logically.